QiGong, Medical QiGong and T'ai Chi for those in Northwest Pennsylvania

24 Posture List

Below is the list of 24 Postures

1. Absorbing the Pure Essence from the Mountain and Sea
2. The Sea Monster Searches the Sea
3. Rhinoceros Looks at the Moon
4. Heavens Lift the Tripod
5. Drawing the Bow from Both Sides
6. Falcon Flaps its Wings
7. Plucking the Stars and Rearranging Them
8. Waving Arms

9. Summoning the Qi
10. Lotus Leaves Rustling in the Wind
11. Pushing the Stone Tablet
12. Thrusting into the Mountain
13. White Horse Parts its Mane
14. Willows in the Wind
15. Phoenix Spreads its Wings
16. Green Dragon Thrashes and Turns About

17. Combining Ying and Yang into One
18. White Crane Circles its Knees
19. Riding the Horse
20. Taming the Tiger
21. Sword Smith Turns to Stoke the Fire
21a. Placing the Flower on the Mantle
22. Supporting the Sky and Searching the Sea
23. Lotus Swings in Four Directions
24. Pacing Forward and Backward


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