QiGong, Medical QiGong and T'ai Chi for those in Northwest Pennsylvania

Shifu Michael

Michael Hronas

Michael Hronas, MQT
LiHong, Dao Shi

Internationally recognized Dao Shi (Daoist Priest), Michael Hronas transitioned from 28 years in the manufacturing world to becoming the Owner and Founding Instructor, Shifu, of the QiGong Institute of Healing and Wellness a company dedicated to the good health and well-being of its members. Since its inception, the Institute has developed a strong practice of teaching Chinese Medicine, Medical QiGong, QiGong and Taiji. Michael is studying in the Ancient Healing Art of Medical QiGong in Palm Desert, California and recently completed his Therapist Level.

Michael was stricken with Multiple Sclerosis in 2002 and while in the healing process, met his instructor whose advise was to “do QiGong”. That’s what he did and has not been affected since. It was because of this event that Michael is dedicated to teaching and expanding on the benefits of QiGong in the Triangle and the world over.

Michael traveled to China and was ordained into the 22nd generation of the Dragon Gate Sect of Daoism. He established the name of The Temple of Balance and Harmony as the name that is ready for the building to promote Daoism, it’s understandings, beliefs and practices in the Triangle area. The name is approved and authorized by China.

A recent move from Erie, Pennsylvania, Michael is establishing a series of 24 Posture QiGong classes in addition to Taiji classes throughout the Cary, Holly Springs and the Raleigh areas. In addition he teaches and certifies students in the Therapeutic QiGong Set.

Michael is a Medical Reiki Master/Teacher having developed the system to augment Usui Reiki with the complex understandings of Medical QiGong. The system is not only more relevant to healing, but safer in its practice.

Michael’s goals are to teach, coach and ensure that everyone in the area has an opportunity to experience the life-transforming arts of QiGong, Taiji and Medical QiGong for better health and an Empowered Life!

Michael Hronas, MQT



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