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Vets To Vets


Vets to Vets

is a strong up and coming program designed and implemented by Terry Morris.

Dr. Terry Morris

Dr. Terry Morris

Terry is a dedicated individual bringing her joy of working with animals to the Veteran’s community. In her efforts she rescues, trains and partners shelter animals with veterans suffering from loneliness, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, traumatic brain injury and physical disabilities.

I am donating time to train VETS in the art of QiGong for their issues of health and vitality.

QiGong has the ability to relieve the issues VETS face in their anxiety, stress considerations and in general their ability to cope with the issues that life presents.

We are currently studying the 24 Postures of Therapeutic QiGong. This is a set that enables and energizes all the meridians of the body bringing about changes that are often dramatic but always vital and necessary.

I have also offered my ability as a Medical QiGong Therapist at reduced rates for those interested.

Join Us if you’d like.

We meet at 2510 Glendale Ave in Durham every other Tuesday at 1pm. It’s a quick hour long class that I am sure you will enjoy.

For more information on this wonderful organization click this link: http://vetstovetsunited.org/

QiGong Heals!

2 thoughts on “Vets To Vets

  1. I am a vet who is very interested in QiGong. Can you update me on when and where you meet? I live in Cary, NC.
    Thank-you very much.

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